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last year after the sale of the Jordan Air 1 "NYC" version, Brand Jordan this year for the preparation of another city do not note version Jordan Los 1 "Angeles Air". Shoes overall pure white presents, lining and details to metal decoration, heel are respectively provided with "23" and "La" words, crystal outsole also respectively to "Los" & "Angeles" words present, shoes will be in the near future and the flight of California, 23 shops offering, the specific release information temporarily known. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: officialkevythakidyear, Specialized Committee continue to follow the China tanning leather industry "11th Five-Year" development planning guiding ideology and development of ideas, and actively carry out the work, innovation, efforts to ensure the sustainable development of leather industry. since June 2007, China Leather Association, leather Specialized Committee conference held in 2007 since the meeting, around the meeting minutes spirit, the main work is as follows: first, do a good job of bridge and link between government and enterprise complete coordination and management work commissioned by the government of the industry; actively carry out industry research, good staff and assistant to the government; timely reflect the voice of the enterprise, industry and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, promote the healthy development of industries and enterprises. 1, the initiative to the relevant departments of the state to reflect and report the impact of the national macro-control policies on the industry the healthy development of the industry cannot do without the support of national policy, so far from the end of 2005, the country has issued a series of macro-control policies, which mainly involves the processing trade and the export tax rebate, impact on China's leather industry greatly. According to the proposal made by the representative of the Specialized Committee meeting in 2007, the Specialized Com cheap foamposites mittee has carried out the following two aspects of the macro-control policies: (1) submit a written proposal to the competent authorities of the state; suggest that the macro policy be adjusted to a certain extent; treat each according to the characteristics of each industry; and maintain a relatively stable policy. At present, the relevant departments of the state have made it clear that, in recent years, China's macro-control policies tend to be stable. (2) according to the leather and leather garments industry characteristics and the actual situation, to the State Department in charge of the proposed callback pig leather and leather garment export tax rebate proposal to maintain the pigskin leather export tax rebate of 8% in the past five years, leather apparel export tax rebate adjustment from 5% to 11%. 2; to the government to reflect the Japanese pig lift ban in recent years, pigskin prices remain high, while the quantity and quality can not meet the processing needs, resulting in the majority of pigskin tanning enterprises difficult, difficult. Japan is one of China's traditional pigskin import countries, but since 2004, because of classical swine fever, China banned the import of Japanese pig skin. Commissioned by the pigskin tannery, Leather Association many times to the national quality supervision and inspection and Quarantine of animal and plant quarantine supervision department to reflect the problem, hope to lift restrictions on imports of Japanese pig skin as soon as possible, with the solution of pigskin leather enterprises as pressing danger. It is understood that China and Japan have conducted consultations on this issue several times.) Ecuador's "express" reported on September 20th; the Ministry of industry and competition of Ecuador confirmed that the recent decision by the foreign trade and Investment Committee to reduce import tariffs benefited most of the 6 major industries. there are 561 kinds of chemical products for 1957 kinds of products, the decision will import tariffs to 0% and 5%, 461 species belong to the automotive and transportation industry products, 374 products for fisheries and aquaculture, 360 products are metal machinery industry, 208 kinds of agricultural products, 166 kind and textile related products. the least benefit jordans on sale mens of the food industry, the printing industry (paper and paperboard), leather and footwear industry, respectively, only 53, 50 and 23 products have dropped import tariffs. according to the Deputy Minister of industry Genaro? Barr Delong, although Ecuador's foreign investment approval committee resolution of tax relief for 1957 kinds of products, there are 2256 kinds of products, due to the same tariff for different industries. Javier, executive chairman of the textile industry association, Dias, says lowering tariffs is good for the textile industry, which pays high taxes on the industry. The president's decree has not yet been issued in the official announcement, so we have not yet been able to estimate the specific benefits of the textile industry so far. Miguel, chairman of the chemical producers association? Coase tails said that the tax reduction is very important for the chemical industry, it can reduce the cost of final products, such as paint, plastic raw materials tariff and drug use fell to zero and 5%. " " Mark Carlsson, manager of Carlsson graphics services, said that while printing was one of the least profitable industries, it was beneficial to reduce tariffs on 50 of these products. This will reduce production costs and hope to become one of the most profitable industries in the future. in addition, in 2006, the import tariff of 1 billion 639 million US dollars of 1957 products, import customs duties fell to zero and 5%. Among them, 1531 Products Tariff down to zero, 426 products down to 5%. In accordance with resolution 370, the tariff structure of Ecuador determines all 6950 customs tariff semicolons, the import tariff level from zero to 35%. the Ecuador production industry hopes that the government's decision is not a short-term interest, but a long-term plan to promote the production and economic development of the country. (Editor: admin) today for LeBron & middot; James is a day of celebration, only played 3 Section 8 of 11 shots, efficient detonation 24 points and 11 assists, led the Cavaliers beat the nets, and more meaningful campaign he scored a career No. 26671 points, on the all-time scoring list beyond the film "human essence" Dominick & middot; Wilkins, rose to all-time scoring list No. 12, and his next target is the three pai air jordan 11 space jam for sale rs of King Oscar & middot; Robertson's 26710 points. However, he the foot Nike LeBron 13 will launch with the milepost? source: solecollectorNIKE sports players staged a myth 2003-11-02 15:20:16 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; Print & nbsp; Close attitude of a sports equipment is a way of life. Like NIKE, it spent $ 35 to buy one of LOGO, a company with capital of $ 1,000 shell companies, in nearly half a century, miraculously created a about youth, about the vitality of fashion myth. NIKE-- Greek goddess of victory "shadow" 1957, the entire world have been driven by a wave of industrial production. Throughout the United States can not get away in the wave of the dawn of youth. In this case, Bowerman and Knight at the University of Oregon just to get to know understanding. Five years later, Knight summed up in Japan from a survey report produced in low-cost, high-tech sports shoes will end German sports shoes in the United States domination. After graduation, Knight went to Japan and where Tiger sports shoe manufacturer. He introduced himself to manufacturers from "Blue Ribbon sports company," he let Tiger manufacturers believe that the United States has a great market opportunity. Tiger first product arrived in the US in 1962. Knight and Bowerman invested $ 500 per person company founded Blue Ribbon campaign in the US proxy Tiger sneakers. In 1968, the Bowerman restructuring Cortez shoes had become Tiger sneakers best-selling products. Within six years, the company's assets from $ 8,000 to $ 1,960,000, the number of employees has grown to 45 from 0 people, and the first Blue Ribbon company's retail stores also opened in Santa Monica, California. 1972, the Blue Ribbon company officially ends and the Tiger's partnership, and the formal establishment of a new young company, named for the Greek goddess of victory NIKE--. Its trademark is the original hook shape spent $ 35, please design a student at Portland State University Department completed. Knight and his wife personally NIKET-shirts printed and distributed in Eugene Olympic field, but to see people have asked: "? Who is NIKE" NIKE-- oven burning out the spark of inspiration Good luck occurred in an early morning in 1975. On this day, mysteriously Bowerman poured into muffin pan in the rubber, released a new sole style than at foamposites for cheap the time of any commercially available sports shoes are more flexible in the future to prove popular with runners welcome, creating a market for a while Fury. Since then, NIKE know the importance of research and development of new models, it continued to champion in the athletic footwear market, with 100 US dollars per pair of shoes, for example, profits are about US $ 20-35. In early 1982, the famous "Forbes" reported NIKE for five years for the nation's most profitable companies, overriding the crown of all enterprises. Early in 1980, NIKE has become the leading sports industry. NIKEL international companies to develop his career in more than 40 countries. By 1984, the company's assets doubled, reaching $ 91,890,000. However, variable wind go late, REEBOK to replace the new soft leather shoes 1980 hot air traditional shoes, won more than 30% market share, forcing 1987 NIKE has always been to create high-quality shoes for the organization's objectives, but no clear marketing objectives to meet the latest trends, REEBOK successfully swept the athletic footwear market, take into account is that popular. 1988 ?? NIKE seeks anti-power, quality and marketing in order to allow perfect coordination, in addition to the survey market needs and improve the performance of the shoe body, entering after 1990, NIKE barely regain market leadership, but the future is still promising. As the sports shoe market becoming saturated, Wall Street analysts began to question, how many pairs of sneakers past decades in this world needs? NIKE had to focus to the other direction, rely heavily on sports-related equipment and clothing to expand brand awareness. Such as: From golf, weightlifting, special glove hit baseball, college football and baseball varsity clothing, NIKE are anxious to portray them in hot demand, in addition to hiking, walking, cycling, cheerleading activities and sails surf board manufacture of special equipment, pulled hard in sales one percent. NIKE restructuring plan at the time of exercise, said: "We want to be a sports company, not just a shoe company." NIKE-- precedence over the concept design 1991 ??, NIKE became the world's only assets over three billion US dollars of sports and fitness company. Five years later, his assets is increased to $ 6.5 billion - including NIKE apparel industry and the ac Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale quisition of the world's largest hockey equipment manufacturer --CANSTAR Sporting Goods Co. In 1997, NIKE Georgia assets from three hundred million US dollars in 1996 fiscal year increased to eight hundred million US dollars. Analysts are predicting NIKE assets will reach more than nine billion US dollars and. These results come from, to help athletes improve their performance. NIKE designers in Rigby opinion, "Understanding is not a pursuit of fashion trends," Brig emphasized see what others are doing. "That is in the past tense," he could not lead. So, she wants to help the designer understand the problem, not this season is it? What popular next season? But to ask the broader question, what social changes? What's new design trends are? What is the trend in aesthetics? Under the influence of these trends, the consumer's life has changed? It is this concept, let NIKE enduring. For example, when Lycra order "tight" resurgence of the time. The NIKE will use Lycra in the upper, as will "close" to a fashion foot. Thin, wrap, making sports shoes, such as loafers like nimble dexterity, with a diverse, there will be no center of gravity of feeling. Cycling, roller skating, Skiing, proud to wear this everything, or completely do fashion mix, revealing cool attitude, full uninhibited character. NIKE shoes, always so comfortable combination. AIRPRESTO, with fashion sense, designed to be light and agile, fit and, to put AIR PRESTO, are like nothing. Strong elastic Lycra material, close but not wrap, let feet full stretch, with invisible pores, never stuffiness hold sweat. Similarly with the NIKE unique air cushioning, non-slip effect of good design, flaunt fashion while allowing feet to enjoy the comfort of sneakers. Even if the price is not Fiji, young but then rush NIKE shoes, for young people, the hook-shaped registered trademark of NIKE, has only a non-well-known manufacturers of sporting goods, and almost equivalent to synonym shoes, whether rich or poor, regardless of demand, NIKE pair of human feet phenomenon, has gone beyond the function selection of shoes, has become a cultural phenomenon. So, NIKE will say, JUST DO IT, but the fact is that the whole world is JUST NIKE IT. Related newsWith Nike Free Flyknit Chukka will be like a second skin like Nike Flyknit, light and fit out support Nike Flywire an cheap air jordans d create barefoot Nike Free perfect happy experience, the day before and the new color release shoes to purple and red Flyknit material woven with black shoes, tongue and body Swoosh at the end of shoelaces, equipped with white Free outsole and the Free Flyknit Chukka will be landing in the near future monopoly shelf shoes, comfort is absolutely your reason for it to start. fashion brand Vans launched the latest Authentic and Sk8-Hi shoes, put on the latest appearance in 2012, the snow leopard pose in front of everyone, this series named "Leopard" is the trend of the leopard, the characteristics of collocation in simple outfit will is the focus of the show, the price of 55 dollars at present can be included in the CNCPTS to purchase. 2012-6-7 08:12 upload and download attachments (133.66 KB) Jordan Brand launched this year's Air Jordan Future heavyweight ushered in a new color. The exposure of the new work by the black as the main colors in the upper, black for vamp by white dotted and tongue Jumpman is used to enhance the gold watch, finally with the color of the sole, no sale information, interested friends may wish to pay attention to new information tracking reports. 1.jpg (51.59 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan Future 2014-7-8 10:02 upload 2.jpg (99.29 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan Future 2014-7-8 Air Jordan Future 00 10:02 upload in August 17, 2007, the Argentina government suddenly announced that it will start a series of tires and wheels, clothing, toys, leather, shoes, textiles, bicycles, computer and other products import restrictions measures, and clearly put forward the main measures for Chinese products. according to the provisions of Alfonso, Alfonso Customs on imported consumer goods in addition to the requirements for the import license to the customs declaration, review, and set a minimum price of imported products. According to preliminary statistics, the import price of goods in Alfonso provide tax related textile and clothing products tax of nearly 500. in recent years, China's exports to Latin American countries grew faster. In 2006, the textile and apparel exports to Latin America 6 billion 710 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 9.1%; in 2007 1~7 months, exports to Latin America 4 billion 930 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 31%. China's textile and apparel exports to Latin America mainly concentrated in Panama, Mexico, Chile and Brazil, accounting for more than 70% of total exports of Latin American countries, Argentina ranked seventh. In 2007 1~7 months, China's exports of textiles and clothing to Argentina were 154 million US dollars, but the growth rate was faster, with an increase of 212%. The export volume accounted for only 1/1000 of China's total textile and garment exports. in 2007 1~7 months, China's Latin American textiles (yarn, fabrics) exports amounted to $1 billion 990 million, an increase of 23.58%. Argentina for my textile in Latin America's eighth largest market, accounting for our country's share of Latin American exports is not large, but the growth is rapid. in 2007 1~7 months, China's exports of textiles to Argentina 84 million 272 thousand U. s.dollars, an increase of 216%. Among them, chemical fiber yarn fabric for the Arab Israeli exports of the main products, accounting for more than 60% of textile exports. Argentina clothing exports mainly trousers, coats, sweaters mainly, in 2007 1~7 months, exports of clothing to Argentina 47 million 795 thousand U. S. dollars, an increase of 369%, an increase of great. Among them, shirts, casual suits, gowns, underwear, bras export growth are more than 10 times, underwear, pajamas and other export unit prices dropped significantly, up to 75%. the China customs commodity quantity unit statistics and Alfonso inconsistent, and no Chinese customs statistics in the conversion between various product quantity unit rate to all involved in textiles and clothing export price and the lowest price I compare. If all the lowest price Alfonso are provided in kilograms, while China's customs statistics, the number of fabric products is in meters)is the latest version of its Glycerin series of top suspension, the overall do all the updates to toe parts of thermoplastic films and net cloth bonding, increase foot comfort, especially the exterior design more fashion sense, Brooks can be seen in this area a lot of progress, the United States is expected to fall this year. source: ClaimYourJourneyForeign media Complex wrote in an article "20 things you don't know Stan Smith" report, a retired Stan Smith I wore shoes, not the current popularity of the 1971 edition of the Stan Smith Stan Smith Millennium, tennis shoes, but the pair launched in 2000, smooth appearance, stamping processing the iconic three stripes and double density EVA midsole technology, the original figure still see the details, in addition the most attention is the toe cap and tongue Logo, the birth year's sake, this is embroidered with the design, by Peter Moore on behalf of Adidas Performance product line Three stripes logo, Adidas in different appreciation perhaps this is the sign of the evolution of geological researchers little romance. adidas Stan Smith Millennium can now be purchased at the U.S. Adidas official website, priced at $60. everybody is fighting at the same time NBA day and don't forget the college basketball season in NCAA, the exclusive Baylor University players Nike Kobe 10 respectively in black and white as the upper substrate, the details of using fluorescent green embellishment, echoing the team jersey, more to create the main road version of the tone. source: @George, Kiel, III / predicted the upcoming summer, Adidas launched a new clima series, Adidas spokesman Eddie Peng Janine Chang, the first to experience, and to run together with the practice of adversity. Welcome the advent of the 15th anniversary new ClimaCool shoes, cool running shoes continue past revolutionary technology, again for the runners to create excellent permeability with experience, leading the gas flow in the breathing space of shoes when running, keep cool feeling cold; climachill 3D Aluminum Alloy functional clothing in cold particles can release frozen can reach cool cool cool experience, with the hot summer climate leader to overcome obstacles, continue to stimulate their potential. climacool cool running shoes, 360 degrees high breathability adidas spokesperson Eddie Peng, Janine Chang the first to experience ClimaCool new cool running shoes, with special ClimaCool index of the bottom and the bottom space for ventilation, the ventilation window design unique collocation midleg, let each step can lead the gas flow inside the shoe, the heat produced by the movement of the Eddie Peng away, although the training in the summer case, can still feel the footsteps are wet and sticky hot and extremely comfortable, fully release the heat; breathable yarn can be fully breathable and maintain vamp lightweight characteristics, with elastic buffer in BOUNCE bottom, greatly enhance the wearing comfort, streamlined profile is more in line with the daily leisure and sports wear, can have self style easy type at all. male ClimaCoolModel: BB3084 / source: Sole Collector a pair of shoes to the seventh generation, must be with the majority of fans to come to this step, Nike Lunarglide with excellent comfort in jogging shoes user circle established a good reputation, and the previous generation also equipped with extremely light and creative performance of the Flyknit and the vamp. Use the Engineered Mesh function of the upper in the toe area, with two large upper technology and excellent Lunarlon suspension in the bottom, let Lunarglide 7 with real sense quite Xiaobian look, there is no official release date. news source: niketalkserves as a good partner for every year's joint series, American street brand , and Supreme and sports brand Vans today officially released a joint series for the 2016 spring summer season. Is the case before the exposure, the spring and summer of this year Supreme x Vans series shoes with Vans's classic model Era as the blueprint to create color, choose the above / Black / red / blue and beige four simple colors, white is added to the bottom of this season and a Supreme main line Motion Logo. Let this pair of Era had bland suddenly become noticeable, prices also rose several level. The series of Supreme x Vans; Era shoes will be available on March 3rd in Supreme New York, Losangeles, London and the official online store, and Japan with usual postponed two days time, you want to start a friend to be sure to pay attention to. According to the current development of Jordan Brand, in addition to the color engraved Ganso outside, luxury and minimalist design by fan favorite shoes. Recently, the network exposed Air Jordan latest real spy 3 "Cyber Monday". As can be seen from this new work will be dominated by the minimalist style, with the black and white color as the main theme, black leather shoes shoes highlight texture, in the bottom of the white color of the shoes off the tide of influenza. It is reported that this pair of Air Jordan 3 "Cyber Monday" new work will be on sale by the end of. You are interested in, definitely worth a good look.